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Carp Care Kits

Use on all sores, cuts AND hook holds. Please weigh properly and photograph all fish

Arrival/ Depart

Arrival 1.30pm on start date & Depart 10am on day of departure

Nets & Slings

All top quality Mats, Slings, Nets and Tripods are provided so leave yours at home!

Specimen Lake Exclusive

The Specimen Lake is 2.5 acres in size with Carp up to 40lb with an average size of 29lb and growing.

Please note this lake is not easy but the rewards are there

 Suitable for a maximum of 4 anglers who can choose to fish from the lodge or Bivvy up around the lake.

Specimen Lake Lodge

One double, 2 single beds with 300mm memory foam mattress. Tv, heating, wifi, Bi fold doors open up to the massive double swim VIP carping if you want.

Seperate to the main lodge you have facilities available which include shower, toilet, fridge, freezer, BBQ, electric, covered social area with cooking facilities.



From £999

From £799

Facilities & Lake Stock

carp care equiptment

Mats, Nets, Slings & weigh stations Provided by the Fishery and must be used

Please leave yours at home!


No Fishing Equipment to be stored or dried in the LODGE, please use the storage area provided.

bait boat hire

  • £75 Friday to Monday
  • £75 Monday to Friday
  • £150 cash breakage deposit

please note!

No visitors or other guests allowed on site at any time. CCTV is in operation across the whole complex

Specimen Lake Rules

  • You MUST have valid rod licences
  • 3 Rods maximum
  • Micro Barb Hooks only
  • Bait boats allowed
  • Minimum of 15 lb mainline
  • ALL Rubbish to be taken home
  • Boilies frozen/fresh and high quality Shelflife
  • Pellets only, No Particles or Nuts
  • No Sacking of fish
  • No Plastic or Rubber Baits
  • No Zig Rigs
  • 24 Inch min of Tubing must be used at all times
  • No Braided Mainlines or Shock Leaders
  • No leaders of any kind including Korda safezone leaders, leadcore or lead free
  • Drop of Leads only
  • No Wading
  • Do not be more than 10 seconds away from rods

Onsite Bait & Tackle

Lake Boilie £9.99/kg
£27.50 for 3kg
Particle 5kg £10
Lake pellet 5kg £12.50

Bait Deal 1 – £29.99

  • 3kg lake Boilie
  • 5kg particle

Bait Deal 2 – £34.99

  • 3kg lake Boilie
  • 5kg particle
  • 5kg pellet