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Carp Care Kits

Use on all sores, cuts AND hook holds. Please weigh properly and photograph all fish

Arrival/ Depart

Arrival 12pm
Depart 10.30am

Nets, Slings & Mats

All Mats, Slings & Nets are provided by th e fishery, please leave your at home!

Bear Pool

Bear pool is an acre in size with 60 carp to upper 20lb.


£150 per 24 hrs

price includes 24 hrs fishing whole lake,  2 people

sleeps 3 with 2 fishing

carp care equiptment

All Nets must be dipped in the tank before setting up! Slings and mats are provided

We supply Nets, Slings & Unhooking mats

bait boat hire

  • £50 – 48hrs
  • £75 Friday to Monday
  • £75 Monday to Friday
  • £150 cash breakage deposit

please note!

Guests are allowed. CCTV is in operation across the whole complex

Bear Pool Rules

  • You MUST have valid rod licences
  • 2 Rods maximum
  • Micro Barb Hooks only
  • Bait boats allowed
  • Minimum of 15 lb mainline
  • ALL Rubbish to be taken home
  • Boilies frozen/fresh or good quality Shelflife
  • Pellets only, No Particles or Nuts
  • No Sacking of fish
  • No Plastic or Rubber Baits
  • No Zig Rigs
  • 18 Inch min of Tubing must be used at all times
  • No Braided Mainlines or Shock Leaders
  • No leaders of any kind including Korda safezone leaders, leadcore or lead free
  • Drop of Leads only
  • No Wading
  • Do not be more than 10 seconds away from rods

Onsite Bait & Tackle

Lake Boilie £9.99/kg
£27.50 for 3kg
Particle 3kg £10
Lake pellet 3kg £12.50

Bait Deal 1 – £34.99

  • 3kg lake Boilie
  • 3kg particle

Bait Deal 2 – £39.99

  • 3kg lake Boilie
  • 3kg particle
  • 3kg pellet