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S&R Fishery Guide!

This 16 page Fishery Guide has everything you need to know about the S&R Fishery complex! From lake detailed lake maps to lake difficulty, fish stocks and sizes…

Welcome to S&R Fishery

S&R is a carp haven set in stunning surroundings in Caistor, North Lincolnshire on over 50 acres of land.

The SPECIMEN lake exclusive and lodge, 2.5 acre lake with a good head of large young English carp up to 46lb+ with an average size of 30lb+ and growing.

The SANDPIT DAY TICKET LAKE which is 10 acres and has 500 carp from 15lb to 36lb+ and can take up to 18 anglers.

The RETREAT LAKE is 3 acres and has 120 carp from 12lb to 35lb+ and has 2 lodges.

JACQUI’S POOL lake with lodge. This stunning lake and lodge is the one that Alan Blair and Spooner have stayed on. 73 fish most of them are over 20lb now with a current lake record of 35lb+ which is likely to change at any time.

CHARLIE’S POOL which is 2 acres and has 90 carp from 18lb to 36lb+ and can take up to 8 anglers in 4 double swims

Our Mission

S&R Fishery, our aims, our goals, Lee’s dreams are to create a fishery for everyone including children, families and specimen hunters full of English scaly carp.

To create carp fishing lakes that are suitable for everyone, being it lone anglers, mates, husbands and wives or parents and kids. Big swims, double swims or tucked away alone swims. All lakes are feature filled with plenty of open water, and of course scaly ENGLISH Carp!

Specimen Lake Lodge

This lodge is on the specimen lake
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Jacqui’s Pool

This lodge is on Jacqui’s pool
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The retreat

This lodge is on the sandpit lake
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